Extract from: Azure Angel by Amy Clennell

A gentle warmth rests upon my cheek and forehead. I turn my head to the source of  comfort. The brightness is too dazzling. My eyes blink and squint as they follow the dappled shadows flitting across my room.

Mum will be here in a minute to assist in raising my imperfect body from this bed. Even the duvet won’t budge to give my arms their freedom. Where are my arms? Why are my legs working? They don’t usually! And there are six! My torso is a boat on a Hawaiian sea surrounded by swathes of deep blue. Wings! They are wings which actually move at my behest. The flowers embossed upon my pillow do not attract me, but these two antennae, newly emerged from my head, detect a smell and taste of the genuine item. There, through the window, blooms of the buddleia, irresistible! My wings waft me over to the ocean of blue sky like a sailing ship rising and falling with the swell.

By Amy Clennell (2017)


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